Kodak Digital Professional Plugins 2.1.0-PHOTOSHOP-PC

Professional-level plug-ins that are directly compatible with the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3 application. New operating systems support has been added for Microsoft Windows VISTA and Mac OS X 10.5. In addition, the new versions are natively compatible with INTEL-based Apple Macintosh computers.

Fine-tuning the fine image.

* Reveal critical details buried in shadows
* Reduce distracting digital noise
* Eliminate undesireable color shifts
* Create smooth and pleasing skin tones

KODAK PROFESSIONAL Image Enhancement Plug-Ins let you quickly and easily improve the most common problems associated with digital images. Whether you are a professional photographer or an ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Software enthusiast, choose one or up to four of the these professional tools depending on your photographic content and needs. You can quickly and easily optimize images to improve quality and create even more compelling results.

KODAK DIGITAL SHO Plug-In - Optimize Exposure of Shadow & Highlight Areas
The KODAK DIGITAL SHO Plug-In, for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and compatible programs, automatically reveals image details hidden in shadow areas with this professional version also revealing details from highlights and supporting 16-bit. Great for fixing common exposure problems caused by backlit subjects, uneven flash illumination and partial shade.The Photoshop Plugin that Reveals Details Hidden in Highlights & Shadows

KODAK DIGITAL GEM Plug-In - Reduce Image Noise and Grain
The KODAK DIGITAL GEM Plug-In, for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and compatible programs, automatically reduces and manages noise and grain in digital images without causing excessive softening or blurring. This professional version has a powerful grain/noise reducing algorithm, a "Noise Preview" screen, 16-bit support, and more.

KODAK DIGITAL GEM Airbrush Professional Plug-In - Smoothes Skin Surfaces
The KODAK DIGITAL GEM Airbrush Professional Plug-In, for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and compatible programs, automatically smoothes skin and other surfaces of digital images without softening or blurring important details like eyelashes, eyebrows, or hair. Supports 16-bit color images.

KODAK DIGITAL ROC Plug-In - Restore, Balance, and Correct Image Color
The KODAK DIGITAL ROC Plug-In, for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and compatible programs, automatically correct, restore, and balance the color of digital images. This professional version has the ability to control image contrast and brightness in addition to color, and it supports the use of 16 bit color images.
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